a letter by our Founder/President about what air 360 cares personally means to him:

"Mastering flight and scaling heights are perhaps the best “physical” examples of our potential to rise above and conquer the things that challenge us in our daily lives. Height gives us perspective, and flight a sense of freedom that releases us from the mundane things that weigh us down.

I was exposed to aircraft and helicopters in a military environment from age 2 to 4. I am told that “graham crackers became the medium for my helicopter art that was inspired by the boxes of “animal crackers” that had no “helicopters” in them. It was the experience of spending time around aircraft at a very young age that sparked my love for flying, and a deep desire that would ultimately allow me to realize my dream of becoming a helicopter pilot.

After pursuing a career in security and law enforcement, I was finally able to combine my professional experiences with the lifelong passion for helicopters, and the concept for Air 360 Helicopters and Air 360 Cares was born.

Air 360 Cares is a program of One Light International a 501 (c) 3 Non profit corporation developed primarily to serve special needs, abused, and at risk youth. However, as a former police officer, I am very much aware how staff and/or budgetary constraints can impact services in emergency situations, we can also help those communities and individuals that are in need.

Having a son who at the age of four was diagnosed with cancer of the brain and spine; a daughter that faced the potential physical and developmental challenges of being three months premature; and a 25 year of Brother with Down syndrome, I am sensitive to the joy and benefits special programs and enrichment activities provide.

These remarkable young people manage to overcome and achieve with obstacles, challenges many of us don’t with all the cards stacked in our favor. They simply do the best they can with what they have.

During my law enforcement career, I experienced firsthand what it feels like to save a life. During my travels, I’ve found there are truly unique and special people in the world, whose gifts and talents have the ability to serve a greater good.

Like most, I know what it’s like to lose a loved one, or have the life of a family member or friend compromised by a life threatening of debilitating disease. In many cases, having the human and financial resources to affect a positive and successful outcome is due solely to the generosity of strangers who care. The positive effect that creative, innovative, and unique programs have in their ability to reach, inspire, and help the neediest in our communities can’t be overestimated.

Many adults find it difficult to cope with illness, not to mention the physical, mental, and emotional trauma that is a consequence of circumstances these brave children endure for prolonged periods, and in many cases, a lifetime.

As a young law enforcement officer, I took the oath to protect and serve, those principles embodied in that oath remain with me today as a businessman and entrepreneur. It is all of our responsibility as caring human beings, to do all we can to serve those in need."

Andre Howard – president/pilot